Quick Tips:
- A comma separates legs
- A "/" symbol separates sides of a market
- The first number in a leg is the side of the market you are wagering on.
- If a leg has multiple sides in its market (ie: superbowl winner), then separate all sides by a "/" symbol like this: +500/+250/+2000

SGP correlation Tips:
If you have a SGP that is for DeRozan to score 30+ points and DeRozan's team, the Bulls, to win the game, there is a positive correlation and SGP odds reflect that. You can use the devigger to place all combinations of a SGP to estimate fair odds with correlation like:
1. DeRozan 30+ and Bulls to  cover = +180
2. DeRozan 30+ and Heat to cover = +250
3. DeRozan <30 and Bulls to cover = +390
4. DeRozan <30 and Heat to cover = +260
Plug that into the leg odds box like so: 180/250/390/260
It will output the fair odds of DeRozan 30+ points and Bulls to cover, taking into account the positive correlation between the 2 legs.

Juice Tips:
- If you only have one side of a market, you can specify the juice amount and the app will calculate fair odds based on the juice you specify.
To Specify juice, simply format like so: +285/15%
- If you have a similar market from that sportsbook that you'd like to derive the juice from and use that market's juice,
To Derive juice from another market, simply format like so: +285/[-116/-106]

Mutually Exclusive Events (XOR):
- If you have a bet on a single event, like a Nascar race, and the bet is for either Player X OR Player Y OR Player Z to win, you can format like so:
In this example, there are 6 total race car drivers and you need X, Y, or Z to win. Notice that the "^" symbol combines those sides of the market so that only one needs to win. Other sides of the market should be separted by a "/" as normal.  Note, this is mutually exclusive because there can be only one winner, not two.

Independent Events (OR):
- If you have a bet on multiple events and you only need one of them to hit, such as either Player X to get 25+ points OR Player Y to get 10+ rebounds, you can format like so:
Notice that instead of a ",", we used a "||" to establish that either of these 2 events can hit in order to win our bet. You can, of course, add other legs that are also "||" and you can also add other legs that are "," to specify that they must hit, such as Player X to score 25+ points OR Player Y to get 10+ rebounds, AND their team to win the game.
Events separated by a "||" are independent events and both could win, both could lose, or either could win/lose. As long as one of them wins, then the combined legs will count as a win.

Fair value:
- If you already have the fair value odds for something, for example you know something is fair value of +200, you can simply put +200 without any "/" symbol(s). It will assume the other side of the market is -200.

Multiplicative/Normalization/Traditional Devig Method:
- This is the normal way that we devig, but it does not take into account underdog bias. This method has a +900/-3000 outputting +968 fair odds.

Additive  Devig Method:
- This is another way to devig. It helps to take into account underdog bias. This translates to a +900/-3000 outputting +1412 fair odds.
Note that there are rare instances where the fair value will be a negative percentage. This is normal and expected of the Additive devig method.

Power Devig Method:
- This is another way to devig. It exponentially takes underdog bias into account. This translates to a +900/-3000 outputting +2192 fair odds.
This method heavily leans towards heavy favorites.

Worst-case  Devig Method:
- This method will always use the lowest implied probability of either Multiplicative or Additive or Power (set in the settings). This way you play it safe and go off of the worst-case scenerio ev%.

Weighted Average  Devig Method:
- This method will always use weighted average of the implied probabilities of any of the 2 or 3 main devig methods (set in the settings). This way you can use a combination of percentages that is (hopefully) more accurate/optimal than a single devig method, and less conservative than the Worst-case Devig method.

Just the Tips:
i like turtles

Patch Notes:
- Added feature to allow us to specify the amount of juice in a market to calculate fair odds from that, as well as a feature to derive juice from another market.
- Changed default Kelly settings to be more normal.
- Added a cookie to save Kelly's settings
- Added some more tips

- Added feature to handle mutually exclusive events (XOR)
- Added feature to handle indepdent events (OR)

- Added the Combo Breaker to the site

- Gave webpages titles to make them easier to switch between tabs.
- Gave feature to allow simply placing fair value into devigger, without having to place a "/".

- Added the Additive devig method

- Fixed a bug that caused odds to be off when using ^ and the new additive method.

- Added the Worst-case devig method
- Added  the Power devig method
- Improved output of combo breaker to give player name and market type on the same line, per player.
- Fixed recursion bug that would cause Combo Breaker to crash with 4-5+ inputs. It now can handle 4-5 Players/inputs. I will improve its efficiency to handle even more inputs in the future.

- Added settings to customize the Worst-case method.
- Fixed a bug in the Power Method when using the "^" feature. Works now.

- Added the Weighted Average  method.

- Fixed a bug where the Weighted Average method would only use Multiplicative if the Worst-case method's Multiplicative checkbox was checked.

 - Improved the accuracy the of Power method. There was a bug where 295/-400, 300/-400 and 305/-400 would return non-linear fair percentages. They were very close to eachother but because of a bug in the iteration in finding an approximate "k", it would think 300/-400 was .3% more likely to hit than 295/-400. The bug is fixed and it is now more accurate.

- Added the "Show EV Color Indicator" checkbox. This lets you see red for negative EV and green for positive EV.

- Fixed a bug that caused it to show Leg#1 for every leg. This bug was introduced because I am working on a custom name feature for each leg (along with much more) and didn't finish it, yet.