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CrazyNinjaMike's C-C-C-Combo Breaker



FD Alt Lines Copy Pasta Input: (See Example#1 and Example#2)

Combo Number:

Update: I created the C-C-C-Combo Breaker in March, before I learned about the different devig methods. It had the multiplicative method baked-in. I have added the Additive and Power methods as options. They should allow for combo breaker to be more accurate and even fix many of the bucketing problems. I still plan to eventually add a bell curve to the top and bottom number, but the power method should make it much more accurate, even without a bell curve.


Quick Tips:
- Copy from FD Alt Lines, Paste into text box.
- Add as many players as you need, separated by a new line (no empty lines are required)
- Specify juice% for a one way market by providing a line with either:
If no juice is specified, the market will use the highest juice from any 2way lines in the market. If a market has nothing but one way lines, then a default 7.1% juice will be used.